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INTEGRATIVE CORE HEALING - Transform emotional, relationship, health & money patterns on core levels that produce lasting inner and outer changes

LINDA WHITE, Master Life Teacher, Healer, Shaman & Creator of Integrative Core Healing & Emotional Wisdom

(619) 582-5505

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  • Includes $60 in gift certificates towards two future sessions (Total Package Value is $175)
  • $175 Value
Your 1 hour Session includes:

1. Identify and release the energy of stuffed emotions, judgments and limiting beliefs.  As you share what you want to change emotionally and/or physically Linda tunes into and identifies the conscious and unconscious belief patterns producing how you feel and what is needed to change this to how you want it to be. She then releases the buildup of agreement with these beliefs along with the buildup of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions these can produce and guides you to release consciously.
2.  Open and balance the physical, emotional and energetic systems of your body. Your thoughts and feelings affect the energy flows in your body how you live life. Linda will release physical blockages caused by years of accepting such beliefs and the imbalances that produces physical and emotional needs not getting met in a healthy way.  She will then open and balance the flow of energy in your body, brain and energy fields to produce a greater state of balance, positive emotions, energy and vitality. 

3. Conscious Hearlfelt Connection with Higher Self.  To restore you to balance and wholeness Linda will open within you the pathway to experience and embrace a heartfelt connection with the part of you that lives centered in unconditional trust, love, confidence, power, abundance and unity with Source/God.
4. Emotional Wisdom Lessons:  Releasing the energy is only part of changing the pattern, it’s also important to learn how to consciously change your belief patterns to transform ingrained patterns. Each session includes the Emotional, Life and Energetic Wisdom to own your power, accept feelings and other life lessons and principles people talk about so they actually work!  These lessons help you to nurture what has been shifted, live FROM this higher awareness and to apply and transform how live, create and experience life. 
5.  All of the above is part of your one hour session.  If you are wanting or ready to do the deeper work of changing these ingrained patterns you can upgrade to a Core Belief Transformation Sessions. (see below)  This includes all that’s listed in the one hour session plus the wisdom and processes for more fully healing the underlying Patterns that are the root cause of most limiting beliefs and painful feelings, judgments, emotional reactions, hyper sensitivity and many health issues.  Linda is unique in how she addresses the beliefs that maintain your unconscious conditioning which produces your feelings, stress and sensitivities.  These patterns are why even if you generally believe in a positive manner you still react to people and circumstances. Changing these patterns heals feeling overwhelmed, anixety, taking things too personally, being drained by others, negative mind chatter, depression, anger, guilt, avoidance, not communicating your needs or setting boundaries and beliefs that limit creating the level of health, happiness, loving relationships and success you desire.

UPGRADE - add another 45 minutes to a deeper Core Belief Transformation Session for only $65. Price with cetificate and gratuity is only $100. You save $75 off your first session (normally $175). Discounts are available for ongoing healing work.
Terms and Conditions
20% gratuity of total package ($35) is not included and must be paid at time of appointment. Must have certificate with you at time of appointment. No cash value. No refunds, exchange only. To reschedule or cancel you must give 24 hours notice or services will be forfeited. Offer expires 6 months from date of purchase. New clients only.

Integrative Core Healing 

If you’ve done years of personal growth, emotional release and energy work and other ‘healing techniques’ and limiting feelings and results keeps coming back it’s because they don’t include ALL the steps for shifting and healing a belief pattern! Nor do they include how to actually create life differently. Linda White, creator of Integrative Core Healing has been helping people transform for 15 years. She is unique in her wisdom for healing unconscious conditioning and in her ability to teach how to apply and live all the life principles and steps for transformation people talk about so that they actually work!  This includes how to:  
1.       Heal the unconscious conditioning which is the reason you get triggered by people and circumstances and no matter how much you’ve healed you  keep having the same old feelings, mind chatter, judgments, depression, anxiety and other patterns come back.
2.       Develop and integrate new belief patterns that heal the conditioning and produce the level of trust, confidence, acceptance, love, happiness and peace you desire. Turn mental faith into a heartfelt reality.
3.       How to apply the Five Laws of Creation to manifest the level of life changes you desire.
Linda White, Master Life Teacher, Healer , Shaman & Creator of Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom. has been helping people to transform for over 14 years. Her wisdom comes from years of training and using this wisdom to transform all areas of her own life.  She has used developed more loving relationships, been a successful entrepreneur for 30 years and healed chronic health issues. Including losing 150 lbs without surgery or fad diets.   Most important she has developed the inner wisdom to personally live and create from a heartfelt awareness of unconditional trust, power, love and abundance.


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