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eLiveLife.com has been well-recognized as the leading marketing communications and advertising agency in Southern California for the Health, Beauty and Well Being industries.  Our focus has been supporting the marketing efforts for the beauty, holistic healthcare, spa, and resort service industries.  Because of our tremendous growth, we have now expanded into other related hospitality services.

Our marketing communications strategy is to make contact, educate and refer our exclusive customers to our preferred clientele via our well developed network of special events, public relations, direct market penetration and creative internet marketing solutions.

Many of our clients offer the eLiveLife.com preferred customers special introductory offers that we market for them through our many channels.  Our demographics are similar to their needs: ages between 35 to 75 and with incomes over $100,000.  Our new worldwide resort directory listing caters to the four and five star traveler.

We market to hundreds of thousands of potential new customers about your business and services.  In essence, we are a personal extension of you.  As you know, telling stories and customer experiences is very powerful in advertising.  Our dedicated marketing team is trained to know all about you an your services.  The more we know about you and your business, the more effective we are in "referring" new customers to you. 

With our direct marketing penetration, we have been able in most cases, to double, and in some cases triple our current clients' customer base.  We would like to give you the same opportunity to expand your business.

Due to our rapid growth and expansion, we are very excited to present to you our most popular marketing programs which are sure to increase your business:

The Internet Explosion Program

Your business will receive the following benefits ad features:

1 year membership listing eLiveLife.com’s website, we are Google Rated 5

(1) photo and (1) descriptive paragraph up to 400 words

(4) hours of marketing consulting services

Exposure to high-end preferred customer base


The Carte Blanche Program

Your business will receive the following benefits and features:

(2) page customized business profile

(10) hours of marketing consulting services

Exposure to high-end preferred clientele

Customized promotional certificate design

Marketing of your business at over 250 specials events throughout Southern California

Online shopping cart to market your service via promotional certificates

Distribution of your marketing materials throughout our infrastructure

Pre-qualified customers that can be developed into long term clients

All of the above will result in us assisting you with building up a loyal client base and we will provide you with a confidential marketing consultation, which is sure to benefit your business.

If you have any questions regarding our packages please do not hesitate to contact us at  (619) 398-5050 .  We look forward to hearing from you.