From our Customers...

"While shopping at our local farmers market in Hillcrest, I came across the best deal.  I was intrigued by the setup for Elivelife.com so I went up to the booth.  I was given a fantastic package deal which allowed me to have over $500.00 worth of spa services for only $99.00.  They even let me choose the services I wanted in my package.  I must also tell you their customer service was impeccable.  They were easy to talk to and really seemed to focus on what would be best for me.  I highly recommend elivelife.com."  Christina

This was my first spa visit with my girlfriends and we loved it!   Thank you elivelife! Patricia Moncada

Thanks so much.....the facial by Monika........OMG...she is wonderful.....my face feels like a newborn baby's skin....and she is a really cool gal! So glad I met her...she is a keeper and I will go back! Judy

Chris Bliss Massage in Pacific Beach was awesome! Robin Carby 



I am writing to let you know that the massage I received on Friday with Diane at Spa 33 in El Cajon was excellent. The spa is a small place tucked away and a little bit hard to find but quite a gem, small and very inviting, My masseuse was professional, friendly, skilled and used just the right amount of pressure, working on areas that were causing me problems skillfully and then a nice relaxing all over body massage. Afterwards a cozy robe and dry sauna and I felt wonderful. Diane is also skilled at pre-natal massage and I have set up my pregnant daughter-in-law who is due to give birth in 6 weeks for a massage as well. Thank you for adding this vendor to your list! Maureen Rhodehamel

"What a treat it was to visit Ken at Affordable Massage!  I visited him right before my first Ironman distance triathlon for a pre-race massage. It was perfect to relax my body, mind and muscles before my big day!  Ken's studio was inviting and relaxing..  He interviewed me before the massage and was in constant communication throughout it in order to adjust pressure.  His strong hands and good technique made me melt away!  This was the first certificate I have used with eLiveLife and it definitely won't be the last!  Thanks!"  Linda, San Diego
"I just wanted to tell you that i had a treatment done at "Nails by Peter" and the manicure/pedicure was great. The gentleman was fantastic and it was probally the longest manicure/pedicure i have ever had. Thank you for the ofter and i will tell others about this."  Thank you Gail K Arnold

So my bf and I got these coupons from http://www.elivelife.com, which turned out to be a pretty good deal! Anyway we got them for Revive and went in for a massage and facial. The massage was really nice I got mine from Vanessa. We did a couple's massage and so my bf later tells me the girls double teamed him and were both rubbing him at the same time! I can't lie I was a little jealous how come I didn't get double teamed?! So then the next day we came back for facials. My bfs first time getting a facial boy was he surprised when the extracts part came into play! Haha I totally didn't warn him about it. But when he came out he was like OMG that was amazing! So I'm thinking ok if he liked it I'm going to love it. And sure enough I did Tiffany is such a wonderful person to say the least. Not only was her facial/massage amazing, but she was a total sweetheart and I enjoyed every second of it! Not only am I going to go back, but I'll probably even buy my mom a facial, but it has to be Tiffany!  Kelli C.

"I purchased several one hour massages with eLiveLife.com, both of which were GREAT!  Robin Harris, in particular, is so good I continue to see her every week.  The eLiveLife.com packages are such a great value and give you an opportunity to try a therapist at a minimal cost. eLiveLife.com is a fantastic deal!" Genny

"eLiveLife.com has put an end in my search for the right massage therapist for the past 5 years.  Kristin Martin was friendly, professional, and extremely qualified in meeting my massage therapy needs.  The best part is she comes to my home!  Thanks eLiveLife.com!" David Namow Wholesale Distributor

 "Amanda is a fabulous instructor!  Her classes include enough variety to keep them interesting and challenging.  In just a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and how I felt emotionally as well as physically!"  Susan Shampo

"I now have a standing appointment every 2 weeks with Louis Shapiro who is a fantastic massage therapist.  He has a comfortable manner about him and is very knowledgable about the health field in general. Thanks for directing me to his services."   Elaine Quattro Psychotherapist

"I think everyone needs a massage by Earl Edwards.  He is so relaxing to not only your body but your mind as well.  Thank you eLiveLife.com." Rosella Harris Supervisory Sales Clerk

"I went to Megan Cost at Moderna Salon for a hair cut and color and really loved what she did! this was my first time using a gift certificate and I still have 4 more to go! I like them tremendously and buy them not only as gift but I also share them!"
Madeline Taggart Dental Surgical Tech

"Earl Edwards, LMT, left me feeling totally relaxed and renewed.  He’s a very knowledgeable man and answered ALL of my questions very thoroughly!  Thanks eLiveLife!" Susan Shampo

"The minute I walked in to Diamantes I was very surprised. The place was amazing! It was very organized, clean, and the people who work there are extremely talented! While waiting for my skin care consultation I was so mesmerized by the male stylist cutting a customers hair I immediately booked an appointment with him!"..."Thanks eLiveLife!" Sharon Vular Loan Officer

"Victoria at World Spa was very professional and skillful."  "I enjoyed my time and with her immensely and the microdermabrasion was the best!" "Julie Basile, LMT at Pure Fitness San Diego has magic hands and a wonderful French accent!" "Thanks eLiveLife!"
Shulih Sohn Sociologist

"Lisa Telepman is wonderful.  She gave me an updated hair style that is perfect for my lifestyle! Magnolia Salon is GREAT! Thanks eLiveLife!"
Lisa Morales Corporate Cash Manager/Accountant

"Earl Edwards is a wonderful and professional massage therapist.  He was on time, ready for me and put my troubles at ease.  He made me feel very comfortable and was gentle but hard enough to get out all of the tension in my back, neck and legs. He even provided bottled water at the end to rehydrate me. I highly recommend him because it was by far the best massage I have ever received! Thank you eLiveLife.com!" Nicole Avila County of San Diego

"I really liked the cautious and professional service I received at Maria Juarez Salon.  As a very particular client, she exceeded my expectations! Thank you."
Stephanie Webster Teacher