Q: How do I find out more about joining eLiveLife.com service provider network?

Please contact us by email at info@eLiveLife.com  for enrollment details or call us at (619) 450-3114.  Thank You

Q: These offers sound too good to be true? How can you offer such great prices?

It's simple.  The service providers we represent want you to become one of their regular clients and refer your friends and family.  Since 1991, we have been referring and sending new customers through our clients business doors.  Our discounted introductory packages have produced tens of thousands of satisfied customers who often become regular patrons of the establishments we promote.  Our marketing programs ensure that only the best service providers participate in our program, since those offering sub-standard services would not attract enough repeat customers to make the introductory discounts worthwhile.  

Q: What conditions or requirements must be met to receive these special introdutory offers?

To receive these special introductory offers, the certificate holder must be a new client to the service provider and live or work in San Diego County.  *** Some of our service providers will accept non-residents. ***

Q: When do the promotional offers expire?

Most promotional offers expire 3-6 months from the date of purchase

Q: What is your exchange/return policy?

Because our services are promotional by nature we do not offer any refunds, however, we will gladly exchange your service for another or grant you store credit. In order to receive an exchange please email us at info@elivelife.com

Q: What can I do if a service provider tells me that they are not redeeming the certificates?
A: If for any reason a service provider is unable to provide service, due to maternity leave, illness, or other circumstances, rest assure we are 100% Service Guaranteed. Please contact us via email (info@elivelife.com ) so that we may exchange the certificate for another of your choice at equal value.
Q: What if I miss the appointment scheduled?
A: ALL service providers have the right to forfeit ANY service without a 24 HOUR CANCELLATION NOTICE.
Q: I want to purchase this as a gift for someone who works in the area, does this come with their name on it or is it just the certificate?

We leave the line provided for the name blank so that you may use the certficate yourself or if you would like to give it as a gift you may do so as well.  You do not need to put a name on it - our service providers will accept them without a name.

Q: What do I do if I am unhappy with one of your service providers quality of service?

Please email us at info@eLiveLife.com and let us know.  Thank you.

Q: If I want to exchange the certificates where do i go ?

You can come to any of our events; we always are at the HILLCREST FARMERS MARKET every Sunday. Thank you.

Q: I am curious about your marketing company and wanted to know details about potentially becoming a client. I am the owner of a multi-disciplinary center in Poway, Ca. Could you email me some specifics about your company and what your fees are for marketing

Please call us directly at (619) 450-3114 so that we can answer any of your questions.  Thank you.  PS  You can also email us too.

Q: Can I buy many of the same thing, and continue to use them regularly? For example, training sessions with personal fitness trainers. Can I buy 10 of them to give to one person to use?

Sorry, but the certificates are for FIRST TIME USERS ONLY.  You may, however, buy multiple certificates and give them to different first time users as gifts.

Q: Is there any limit to how many times I can buy a particular certificate? (I know that it is for first time customers only, but I can see these making AMAZING gifts!)

You're in luck!  There is absolutely no limit to the amount of certificates purchased for any particular service.

Q: Why is there a 15- 20% mandatory gratuity? or $20. Consultation Fee?
A: ALL of our clients request a mandatory gratuity to avoid ambiguity.  Some of our service providers are Medical Spas or Holistic Health Centers and they DO NOT ACCEPT GRATUITIES BUT they ask for a $20. Consultation Fee which is similar to a service fee or co-pay that you pay with your insurance companies medical providers.  This $20. fee is paid at the time of appointment just like when you go see your doctor. 
Q: I puchased the combination package of $149 at a golf event in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. I was informed that I did not have to choose my services at the time of purchase rather check the website and pick which services I would like to try

The process is really simple.  You go to the website and go to certifcate redemption and follow the instructions on how to redeem our certificate.  If you have any questions please call or email us.  Thank you.

Q: What if my certificate expires before I get a chance to use it?
A: Being that the eLiveLife.com certificates are promotional in nature (they do have a expiration and they are NOT "GIFT CERTIFICATES") if yours expire please email us or call us and we charge $10. per cert to re-issue.  Thanks

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