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Price: $285.00

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Website: http://www.fitlifemed.com

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FIT Life MED - Forward Intellectual Thinking

Angela Nunez, L.AC.

This Certificate is good for

  • VISIT 1:  Comprehensive Full Body Assessment follwed by Acupuncture Treatment
  • VISIT 2:  Build on previous treatment to bring balance back to the individual
  • VISIT 3:  Continue to build on previous treatments with the gold of relief to many symptoms
  • *All (3) vistis include an acupuncture session
  • $285 Value

Terms and Conditions

Must have certificate with you at time of appointment. No cash value. No refunds, exchange only. To reschedule or cancel you must give 24 hours notice or services will be forfeited. Offer expires 3 months from date of purchase. New clients only.

Angela is the owner and creator of FIT Life MED.

As a young child Angela loved being active, playing sports from sun up to sun down; she could not get enough of it.  At the age of 15 her love for fitness grew when she entered the gym; it was here that her health and fitness journey began. By the age 20 years old Angela had become both a certified yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. It was while teaching yoga that her interest in health deepened when she discovered just how important the mind was to overall well-being. With both physical and mental health in mind, she continued to educate herself in this field and holds a B.S in Public Health and a Masters’ of Science in Oriental Medicine.  This education taught her how to effectively integrate bioscience and natural medicine.

 Angela began competing in fitness competitions as a bikini competitor in 2012. She did well placing in all her competitions--1st in most of them and received sponsorships with two different companies becoming the face and model for both. These sponsorships elevated her in the fitness world becoming a published fitness model and gracing the pages of Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Fitness Rx, Natural Muscle Magazine and many more.

 Although she was making her way up in the competition and fitness arenas, she knew deep down that it wasn’t good for her. The extreme dieting and training left her chronically fatigued, stressed (to keep her body looking a certain way), and even in the hospital a couple weeks after competing due to gastroenteritis- inflammation of the intestine.  With her medical background, she truly knew how dangerous the path she was on and couldn’t ignore the alarm going off in her body telling her to stop.

Having worked in the fitness industry and being among many other competitors she knew she wasn’t the only one experiencing this. She also saw how society was placing emphasis on how one looks rather than their health and knew she needed to help change this stigma. Angela decided to use her education in integrative medicine to educate and become a bridge between Eastern and Western medical philosophies/perspectives.  Presenting options to those who seek knowledge and understanding of how the choices we make in regards to lifestyle-food, training, supplementation etc… can have a lasting effect on our overall health and wellbeing.

By bringing awareness to the possible repercussions one faces by not listening to their own body. Angela strives to use FIT Life Med as a platform to help those ready to make the changes and bring back the TRUE MEANING OF HEALTH!!!

 Angela currently has her own practice in San Diego, California where she treats patients from all walks of life including fitness competitors with an all-natural, holistic approach to addressing the underlying cause of dysfunction and illness. Angela works on creating effective dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as using Acupuncture, herbal medicine, whole food nutrition/supplementation and functional interpretation of blood panels to restore optimal health. 

Acupuncture is a complete medical protocol focused on correcting imbalances in the body. Energy known as “Qi” circulates along network pathways called Meridians, which run throughout the body. When the smooth flow of “Qi” is interrupted, imbalances occur and illnesses develop. Acupuncture points are found along these meridians and are used in combination to restore the body’s energy, regulating function and stimulating the natural healing response through various physiological systems. Acupuncture can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, restore digestive health, balance hormones and various other physical, mental, and emotional health conditions.


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